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Foster Harris, LLC offers virtual support and assistance to partners and associates before, during and after trial with a variety of complex duties involving drafting and proofreading legal and administrative documents including State and Federal, Appellate and Supreme court forms, pleadings, discovery, motions, charts, written reports, agendas, affidavits, mediation presentations and correspondence.

In addition to supporting partners and associates in relation to plaintiff personal injury cases and defense cases, Foster Harris, LLC also offers support with a variety of legal administrative duties including bid proposals, audit responses and legal certifications.

Paralegal and secretarial services include, but not limited to:

  • Management of multiple client case files 

  • Electronic filing

  • Open and Close case files

  • Maintain case files (both paper &


  • Organize, collate and file information and documents in designated order

  • Update case information, fax and scan documents

  • Track document deliveries, final executed documents, medical treatment, and policy coverage

  • Facilitate attorneys and client's travel arrangements 

  • Summarize medical records and deposition transcripts

  • Review and index document productions

  • Create charts and indices

  • Assemble information and materials needed for depositions, mediations and trial

  • Schedule depositions, court reporters, videographers, and conference calls

  • Maintain calendar

  • Conduct client intake meetings and fact and evidence research

  • Communicate with clients, medical providers, insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, courts, judges, and litigation/trial vendors

  • Help with trial preparation before, during and after trial including witness lists, exhibits, and trial binders

  • Prepare, review and process demand packages, settlement agreements, settlement statements, billing invoices and reimbursement expenses

  • Georgia Notary

Assist with overflow work and other projects as needed.

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