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About FH

Foster Harris, LLC is led by Carrie Foster. Carrie has a strong work ethic based on more than 30 years of experience in various legal and administrative environments. She has vast knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of law, with specialty in litigation (defense and plaintiff). 

As a litigation paralegal working both plaintiff and defendant cases, she has a wide variety of experience in various types of complex legal matters, including personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability and other civil litigations matters. Carrie has extensive trial experience and has been involved in multi-million dollar trials in the civil arena.

Carrie has a genuine interest in the growth and development of her peers, and is committed to make a extraordinary impact within the paralegal community.

In addition to her trial experience, Carrie has considerable experience in community matters.

As one of the founding members of Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. ("APA"), Carrie was awarded for her exemplary leadership, initiatives and dedicated commitment toward the growth and development of APA. She had been actively involved in the formation and establishment of APA by serving as an active volunteer, researching, drafting, proofing,and editing Bylaws and as one of the incorporators and founding charter members. Carrie continues to contribute her time and talents to the growth and development of legal secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegals. 

Since her involvement with Gate City Bar Association, Paralegal Section, Carrie has served the legal community as a Hands-on-Atlanta Reading mentor, Law Clinic Volunteer, Hall of Fame volunteer, Justice Benham Law Camp volunteer, Gate City Bar Paralegal C.O.R.E event volunteer, and Gate City Bar Paralegal Skills Symposium volunteer.

She has served as a Junior Achievement volunteer, a Public Relations Officer with Toastmasters International, and served as an officer within her religious organization.


President, Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2017)
Affiliates Award Recipient, National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (2017)

Presenter/Speaker, Electronic Transcript Management, Paralegal Cruise (2016)

Presenter/Speaker, Review of “Guidelines for Attorneys Utilizing Paralegals,” Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2016)
First Vice President, Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2016)
Fulton County Board of Ethics, Secretary (2015-Present)
Affiliates Award Recipient, National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (2015)
Second Vice President/Education, Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2015 and 2016)
Second Vice President/Membership, Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2014)
Founding Member, Atlanta Paralegal Association, Inc. (2013)
Member, National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (2013- Present)
Member, Gate City Bar Association Paralegal Section (2010-Present)
Board Member, Member-at-Large, Gate City Bar Association Paralegal Section (2010-2012)

Everybody WINS! Atlanta Volunteer (2010-2011)
Secretary, Religious Organization (2006-2007)
Evaluator Award, Toastmasters International (2004)
Public Relations Officer, Toastmaster International (2004)

Humorous Speaker Award, Toastmasters International (2003)

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